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Qvelop, a business development consulting company, specialises in innovative business planning strategies. We offer a bespoke, service-based strategic plan enhancing our clients’ businesses in specific areas such as, finance, marketing, investment and branding. Our offices are located in Qatar, London, and Toronto.


about Qvelop

our approach as a consultation company is.

to learn and understand our client’s business by working closely with the management team. We aim to align the company’s goals and objectives with our strategic bespoke service specifically design for our client’s company. Qvelop will take on the client’s mission and ensure a combination of resources to build assets for the company.  We endeavor to optimize our client’s sales and marketing strategies by creating bespoke campaigns to achieve our clients needs.

specialising in business planning.

Qvelop strives to understand the various obstacles and challenges the client has faced in the past. Our team of expert consultants’ applies this knowledge to improve our client’s performance by continuously providing the available tools and resources to be proactive. During this process, our primary aim is to apply effective financial planning taking our client to the next level by maximizing our client’s potential.

the areas we specialise in: Finance

A majority of Qvelop’s investors and partners are located in the heart of the Middle East, specifically Qatar – an idolised country recognized for its innovative skyscrapers and exquisite, modern architecture. Our team of experts has spent the last few years building close relations with high-ranking members of the royal family, who are some of our most notable investors.

Our team of highly-qualified professionals are focused on identifying key demographics to obtain leads, mainly for the purpose of securing investments for high-network clients. We research investment opportunities in areas of real estate and various other lucrative projects depending on our client’s objectives. Maximising our client's profits is the ultimate goal.

Our team prides itself on creating a platform for clients to attract new and maintain business by leveraging current trends and implementing strategies customised for your company. Whether you are starting out or an established company looking to revamp your brand and marketing scheme, we are here to ensure you achieve a new level of success.

We pride ourselves on the ability to create a cutting-edge brand for any company from web and logo design to effective marketing and advertising geared to your customer base. We strive to maximise your potential to expand and even tap into new markets.


our projects



Snupps is one of Qvelop’s client. We have worked effectively withSnupps’s chief executive officer, Sari Abatawi, by successfully securing $4.75 million in investment. We acquired Snupps as a client mainly for their unique sense of style. Our mission was to provide Snupps with further opportunities to reach their financial goals.
Wade and Company is Qvelop most recognized client for making billions of dollars on the stock market. Qvelop has welcomed their clients with new approach of investment opportunities. Mark Wade is Qvelop’s trustee right hand investors. The family investment firm contains an in depth portfolio ranging from stocks, real estate, and pharmaceutical companies.
Hamad Bin Ali Al Hedfa has a diverse portfolio ranging from Real estate, natural gas projects to technology and sports. Qvelop has partnered with Mazaya in a large commercial and residential real estate redesign development. Our trustee client has made several investments, specifically in real estate.
is one of Qvelop’s trustee clients. Qvelop came into partnership with the Goldman Group, a private family firm, by resourcing opportunities to invest. We have worked attentively with the chief executive officer, Murray Goldman. They are recognized as one of the top diversified real estate developers in the city of Toronto.

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